Luhan will be in the movie Back to 20, Chinese version of Miss Granny. The movie is about an old woman who becomes 20 year old again. Luhan will be the main character’s grandson.

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playful Tao even he was sick ♥

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Taoris - Breathless

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precious deer | do not edit.

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milk fish | do not edit.

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we’re live, Kris...

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kris protect tao when arrive at beijing airport, he’s such a good leader



and Luhan at the back ;)


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[140420] Yixing wishing Luhan a happy birthday
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Last year, Luhan was the one who led the birthday song for Yixing. This year, during the talk segment, he was the first one to tap Luhan’s shoulder and wish him a happy birthday.

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[140420 NANJING] After the concert, Yixing and Luhan walked off the stage with their arms around each other. At the exit, Yixing also continually pointed at Luhan while saying to the fans “happy birthday” several times.

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31/ Yixing gifs: 140420 Nanjing - Aegyo + non-stop pointing at Luhan
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[140420] While still in the parking lot, Yixing seems to be hugging Luhan. He kept on waving at us. Luhan also bowed. The first car came, Yixing got in. Luhan was the last one to get in, finally, after like 10 minutes of listening to his fans singing him the birthday song.


cr; 兴兴妹子

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54/∞ layhan moments: yixing wishing luhan a happy birthday before performing run - really smooth, yixing. >u<

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